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This is your Map.

Step One

Start Here

In this course, you learn the most important building block of English!

And this Course is free!

Oh. Just so that you know.

You must do this course first. In Gramatica, everyone 
starts here.

Step Two

The important building blocks of English

When you have finished The Main Clause, you are ready for Step Two.

In Step Two, you will do Essentials 1 and Essentials 2, which teach you all the basic building blocks of English. You will learn how to become a strong maker of English!

  • The four Word Families
  • The two types of Clause and how to use them
  • The  three different types of Sentence and how to use them
  • The four Times
  • All the main Punctuation symbols and what they mean
  • The seven Persons
  • The Principles of Life and English

Essentials 1 and Essentials 2 are called Bundles. (A Bundle is a group of Courses that all fit together.)

You have 45 days to complete Essentials 1.

You have 45 days to complete Essentials 2.

You can do them faster if you want to. Oh. Just so that you know.

You must do Essentials 1 and Essentials 2. You cannot go to Step Three until you do.

Step Three

Talking about your Life

Now it is time for Step Three on your Gramatica learning journey.. Now you can start telling your story! This is where the fun starts!

In Step Three, you have four Bundles. These four Bundles are the four main tenses in English. You might know them as Past Simple, Present Simple, Present Continuous and Future Simple. In Gramatica, we use Life names, not grammar names. In Gramatica, we call them

  • Telling a Past STORY
  • My ALWAYS Life
  • My Life NOW
  • My FUTURE. 

Step Four

You choose!

Now it is time for Step Four on your Gramatica learning journey! You have finished all the basic building blocks, so now you can choose!

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